A Recreational Games Program for Improving Social Skills for School Bully Victims

  • Ahmed Mohamed Shawkey Lecturer, Faculty of Physical Education, Tanta University
Keywords: Recreational Games – Social Skills – School Bullying Victims


The current research aims to improve social skills of school bullying victims and decrease the phenomenon of school bullying victims through a recreational games program. The researcher used the experimental approach (one-group design) with pre- and post-measurements. Participants (n=28) were purposefully chosen. They were all school bullying victims with stable middle class families. The researcher applied the program for (8) continuous weeks and pre- and post-measurements were made using Matson’s Evaluation of Social Skills for Youngsters Scale and Bullying Victim Scale by Frienden et al., Arabicized and calibrated for the Egyptian environment. Results indicated that there were statistically significant differences between pre- and pot-measurements of participants on improving social skills of school bullying victims with Improvement percentage 137.43% and decreasing the school bullying victims’ phenomenon with Improvement percentage 71.41% , as the recommended recreational games program had positive effects.