Strategic Map for the Balanced Performance as a Tool for Managing the Strategic Performance at the Egyptian Olympic Bodies in the Light of Thirty-First Session Results of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 2016 (Comparative Study)

  • Hussein Mohamed Abdel-Haleem Assistant Professor, Faculty of Physical Education, Minia University
  • Mohamed Fathy Abdel-Hafez Lecturer, Faculty of Physical Education, Minia University


The research aims to measure the strategic performance of  the Olympic committees (Olympic Committee / Committee Paralympics), depending on the Balanced Scorecard, including the proposed conception for the strategic map of the balanced performance as a tool to manage the strategic performance of those Olympic committees. The researchers used the descriptive approach  by "surveys," "analytical Comparative method"

The research community included the beneficiaries from the Olympic committees" Olympic Committee and Paralympics, represented in (ICRC staff, technical and administrative organs of the teams, players) and participation in the Olympic Games in the period (from5 to August 21, 2016) and participation in Paralympic Games in the period (from7 to 18September 2016) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a sample of (260) two hundred and sixty players. The sample of Olympic Committee was (192) one hundred ninety-two individuals as a percentage of (60.18%), while the sample Paralympic Committee amounted to (68) eight and sixty members  with a percentage of (60%).

The researchers used a questionnaire based on the dimensions of the Balanced Scorecard aims to identify the level of performance of strategic Olympic committees (IOC / Paralympic Committee).

One of the most important results is the weakness of the strategic performance level in general Olympic committees (Olympic Committee / Committee Paralympics). Also that there are no statistically significant differences between the Olympic committees in the total degree of the questionnaire in the direction of (Paralympic Committee). Reaching to the proposed conception for the strategic map of the balanced performance at the Olympic committees (Olympic Committee / Paralympic Committee) under discussion.

The most important recommendations to activate the proposed concept of strategic map of the balanced performance within the Olympic committees "under consideration" as a tool for managing the strategic performance, and try to circulate the idea to all the other sports bodies.