The Impact of Sports Corruption on Economic Performance Aspects of Egyptian Football

  • Saad Ahmed Shalaby Professor, Faculty of Physical Education, Mansoura University


Corruption affects in the economic life fields on both economic development and football development, and makes processing very expensive, where corruption limits fair opportunities and access to resources. So, current research aims to identify the impact of corruption fields on football economic performance and its contribution to national economy growth, so, the researcher has been collecting data through reconnaissance a sample included (147) individuals from those who have direct relation with inputs and outputs of football industry, its financial and business control, boards’ members of association and clubs, in addition to, players, coaches, agents, broadcasters, mangers of marketing and sponsorship. The results showed many obvious aspects of sport corruption fields in Egyptian football. Where, sport corruption according to sector comes in the forefront, in addition to the negative impact of corruption fields on aspects of football's economic performance and its positive contribution in national economy growth.