Effect of Different Whole Body Vibration Frequencies on Anaerobic Parameters during Ergometer Wingate Test

  • Ramzi Al-horani Exercise science, Yarmouk University
Keywords: Whole body vibration, Wingate test, anaerobic power, warm-up


The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of different frequencies of whole body vibration (WBV) on anaerobic Wingate test. Eight recreational active participants (5 males, and 3 females) [33.6±4.5 years, 77.2±17.01 kg, and176.6±8.85 cm] volunteered to participate in this study. Each participant performed a Wingate test on Velotron Dynafit pro cycle Ergometer preceded by no treatment (CON), WBV at 30 Hz (30-Hz), and WBV at 60 Hz (60-Hz). WBV was consisted of 5 min, alternating every 30-sec from full standing to unloaded semi squat. None of WBV frequencies changed the total work done (P= 0.97), peak Watts (P= 0.99), and anaerobic power (P= 0.94). These data indicate that WBV either at high or low frequency was not able to improve the anaerobic performance of high intensity cycle ergometer in recreational active subjects. It is possible that the type of exercise is a crucial element for the WBV to affect performance.