The Effectiveness of a Rehabilitative Exercise Program on Mechanical Sensory Receptors Development After Surgical Intervention for Knee Cartilage Injury within Handball and Boxing Players

Hosam El Deen Nabeeh Abdul Fattah, Mustafa Abdulaziz Qukqila, Amr Alpadry Mohamadin


This research aims at designing exercise rehabilitation program for mechanical sensory receptors development after surgical intervention for knee cartilage injury within students of Faculty of physical education, Al-Azhar University, and identify its effect on developing lower limb’s mechanical sensory receptors, injured knee joint range of motion, working muscle strength on injured knee joint, real balance for injured limb. Five (5) students from faculty of physical education, aged between 18-20 years, who have knee cartilage entire cut, participated in the study. Results indicate that the proposed rehabilitative program has a positive effect on mechanical sensory receptors, range of motion, muscle strength and balance variables.


knee cartilage injury, rehabilitative program

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